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Insulation and Insulation


For most homes, especially older homes, adding insulation in the attic or ceilings will help cut your homes heating costs. Homes should have, at a minimum, a rating of R-22 to R-60 (6-20 inches of loose fill or 7-18 inches of fiberglass batts), depending on what your local building codes call for.

To assess your insulation needs, open your attic access door and measure how much insulation is in your attic. If it is at or below the minimum, adding more will help reduce your heating bills. Even if you are at the minimum needed, adding more will help reduce your energy consumption.

If you need to add more, go with loose-fill insulation rather than fiberglass batts, even if you already have fiberglass. Loose fill is usually composed of cellulose or fiberglass and lets you cover the joists and it will settle into any crevices to provide better insulation coverage. We recommend you use a professional to do the insulation. However, you can install the insulation yourself if you buy the necessary supplies and want to rent a blower. If you decide to do it yourself, remember, It is a messy job and requires careful planning so you don’t step through the drywall floor (your ceiling) in the attic.

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