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There are areas where warm air may escape from your home. There is no need to heat the outside air, so invest time and explore areas where that can be sealed around your home. The most obvious areas are the windows and doors. If you find leaks around your windows or doors, go to the local home improvement store and purchase weather stripping and caulk to apply around your windows and doors.

There are several types of caulk available to seal leaks and stop air from escaping, including latex, silicone, polyurethane, and even hybrid formulas. Here are some tips on using caulk.

  • Caulk comes in ten ounce tubes usually. A caulk gun is used to apply the caulk. Some caulk can be purchased in smaller squeeze tubes if only a small amount is needed.
  • Make sure to clean the area where the new caulk will be applied. Remove old caulk with a utility knife, scrape away any debris, dirt, and old caulk from the area. Ensure the area is completely dry before you apply the new caulk.
  • Load the caulking tube into the caulk guy and push the plunger tight to the tube of caulk. Cut the tip of tube at an angle to the desired bead size you wish to apply. Pull the trigger on the caulk gun until the caulk makes its way to the tip of the tube.
  • Hold the caulk gun at a 45 degree angle, squeeze the trigger of the caulk gun and run the line away from your body to ensure you are using enough caulk to fill the gap.
  • When finished applying the seam, release the trigger and slightly twist the tip to ensure the caulk line stops. Now, smooth the bead of caulk. You can use the tip of your finger or a professional tool, depending on your preference, to smooth the line of caulk.
  • Let the caulk dry. Make sure you follow the manufactures recommended drying times, which can be found printed on the caulking tube.





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